Subjects Internal: Ghostwriting in Political Science

Political science has a wealth of topics that can also be served by ghostwriters. The two components of the word, politics and science, do not always form a coherent structure. Academic, political-scientific work and writing demand the most diverse skills from the authors. If students of the first semester still prefer a strict grid (scientific […]

Subjects Internal: Ghostwriting in History

History offers a wide field of activity for academic ghostwriters. Because customers often lack not only the necessary background knowledge, but also the methodology in dealing with sources and formalities. Historical texts have a tremendous variety of themes and references to other sciences, especially sociology, political science, philosophy and law. Often, additional, very specialized language […]

Ghostwriter for teaching materials

Teachers and trainees often face the situation of having to create teaching materials on a particular topic themselves. The internet is only a very limited help. Teaching materials should not only prepare the respective topic, but must also be geared to the specific didactic requirements of the subject and the performance level of the class. […]

Subjects internal: Ghostwriting in Sociology

Ghostwriting on sociological topics is widespread. No wonder, as sociology not only has an enormous bandwidth, but also highly specialized individual areas. How and why do sociologists write? Modern sociological literature now covers more than a hundred years, adding some classics, even more than a hundred and fifty years of history. During this period she […]