Ghostwriter for teaching materials

Teachers and trainees often face the situation of having to create teaching materials on a particular topic themselves. The internet is only a very limited help.

Teaching materials should not only prepare the respective topic, but must also be geared to the specific didactic requirements of the subject and the performance level of the class. Anyone who thinks they can do a few keyword searches in the evening before class to get the necessary tasks and background information, can experience quite unpleasant surprises: Behind the generous offer of “teaching materials for free download” hide sometimes tangible political and economic interests: The students should be unconsciously directed in a certain direction by the targeted selection of texts or by manipulative issues.

Teachers can create tasks themselves, or hire ghostwriting agencies to produce objective collections of materials and notes. But what does this mean? For example, the “Beutelsbach Consensus”, which is known from political education, offers good orientation, which includes the following points:

An “Overwhelming ban”

The presentation of controversial topics in a controversial way

The ability of students to understand political situations and their own interests.

In the tasks it is important to challenge the students in an appropriate way: While too light tasks are quickly perceived as boring, too complex tasks lead to excessive demands and frustration.

Academic ghostwriters, who have themselves undergone a traineeship and are working as teachers, can help to put together the right materials (be it texts, photos, caricatures or multimedia elements) and to provide constructive suggestions for involvement in specific teaching situations. Even as editors, ghostwriters can participate in the development of material and task collections and thus improve their chances of success.

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