Subjects internal: Ghostwriting in Sociology

Ghostwriting on sociological topics is widespread. No wonder, as sociology not only has an enormous bandwidth, but also highly specialized individual areas. How and why do sociologists write?

Modern sociological literature now covers more than a hundred years, adding some classics, even more than a hundred and fifty years of history. During this period she has experienced a great deal of differentiation, “classes” have become “layers”, the qualitative and quantitative static methods of interviewing, interviewing and election research have been enormously refined. Today’s sociological work takes place less in the library than in front of the computer.

A sociological bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or dissertation is an extremely extensive project, which usually requires not only a complex research question and a detailed literature review, but also the mastery of methods of empirical social research. This is obviously a problem for many students. Because dealing with mean, median and standard deviation is often difficult. There is also a lack of an overview of the current state of research literature: a myriad of monographs and constantly added journal articles supplement the existing knowledge. Staying up-to-date turns out to be a full-time job, not to mention independent scientific work, the writing of questionnaires and their evaluation.

In such cases, a ghostwriter can be a tremendous relief: depending on the client’s personal preferences, the mind focuses on making sure everything goes according to plan: this may be the conception of a survey, as well as the evaluation of literature that causes difficulties for the client. Ideally, the work benefits not only from the employment of a ghostwriter, but also from his collaboration with the customer. Because this can concentrate on the pleasant areas of work and the exchange of ideas with the spirit provides a fresh breeze.

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